A Time for Change

At some point, things change. A need for transition strikes at the most untimely, unfavorable or untraditional of times. Here at SEMHA, our association has arrived at this time. But we are not alone. Around the world, nonprofits are adopting systems, processes, and resources to help us along these changing times. We count on our board of directors, our leadership, our employees and our partners to lend the association their support; while we undergo the daily tension of change. Without doubt, this change will very soon be worth the boundless of opportunities and the accessibility that growth inevitable offers us.

At the beginning of 2022, we will have transitioned to a fully electronic system. Such as, an electronic Human Resources Management System (HRMS), to help our employees access their self-service, benefits, paystubs, and more. As well as cloud system, computing processes to share more, do more, and to save more. This progression will also expand the capacities for our leadership, to more intuitively secure our mission in advancing health equity through a culture of health, throughout our strategic partnerships with local health departments, institutions, and community-based organizations.

At this time, we ask for your support, your willingness and your patience as we move forward. We thank you, and we commend you for joining us along this ride of change. For those who are long-serving, and to those who are newly-joined, thank you and welcome to the SEMHA community.

With Gratitude,


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