We envision building a culture of health as a foundation in every aspect of life

To promote and assist the local health agencies within the Southeastern Michigan area to develop and implement health programs. To operate or conduct activities in other areas related to public health which are determined to be in the best interest of the local health agencies, and to continue our historic role in infectious disease prevention and control.


Southeastern Michigan Health Association (SEMHA) started as the local government consortia for the health officers of Southeast Michigan. Incorporated in 1956, as a nonprofit organization, SEMHA was first known as the Southeastern Michigan Tuberculosis Detection Project; to mainly focus in the area of tuberculosis control. In the beginning of 1972, the organization began expanding its reach by broadening services, partnerships and programs with public health systems, to deliver health promotion and to create risk reduction activities. Further, to provide value-based contract management services to state and local health agencies, private foundations and health programs serving residents of Michigan.

Southeastern Michigan Health Association (SEMHA) along with servicing, assists in the development, the implementation, and the data reporting for Michigan health programs. The association has provided a forum for public health concerns to promote the opportunity for dissemination of information, sharing of ideas, training and education. In addition to, SEMHA provides services that support grant and program management; such as, human resources, accounting, research, planning and evaluation.