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Eliminating Public Health Barriers for Over 60 Years

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Our History

Southeastern Michigan Health Association (SEMHA) started as a consortia for the health officers of Southeast Michigan, and has a rich history of serving the community in the area of public health. Established in 1956, as a nonprofit organization, SEMHA was initially focused on tuberculosis control and was known as the Southeastern Michigan Tuberculosis Detection Project.

In 1972, SEMHA began broadening its reach by collaborating with public health systems and offering value-based contract management services to state and local health agencies, private foundations, and community health programs in Michigan. Over the years, SEMHA expanded its services and partnerships to deliver health promotion and risk reduction activities.

Today, SEMHA’s continued dedication to promoting public health and improving the well-being of Southeast Michigan’s residents has made it an invaluable resource for health-related issues and concerns.

"The Fisher Building" By: Desiree Clemons, 2023

Advancing Health, Removing Barriers

For more than 65 years, SEMHA has been dedicated to providing program services that cultivate collaboration between organizations to build a health nexus of support. Our team strives to enhance capacity building efforts by focusing on a shared vision of breaking down systemic barriers, reassessing community needs, and utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovation for reliable processes. 


To promote and assist the local health agencies within the Southeastern Michigan area to develop and implement health programs. To operate or conduct activities in other areas related to community health which are determined to be in the best interest of the local health agencies, and to continue our historic role in infectious disease prevention and control.


To be a leader in advancing community health practice excellence in Southeast Michigan.