Health Equity

Advancing health equity by expanding and
addressing how we serve our communities

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

SEMHA wishes to make deeper connections to the communities in which we work. Promoting healthy places for healthy people by supporting local health departments, institutions, and community-based organizations in navigating integrated systems and resources to build a culture of health. Our ultimate goal is to be the connector between community development work and health care outcomes.

Now more than ever the awareness around social determinants of health have heightened, especially in low-income communities. The effects of the pandemic will have lasting impact on the communities we serve. By supporting community based organizations we can fully understand and begin to change health outcomes for people.

Promoting and Protecting health for Michigan Women and Girls

As advocates for women and girls to achieve their full potential, SEMHA is committed to promoting reproductive rights and challenging health inequities that present in multiple forms of discrimination for women of color.

It is our passion to champion change at community and policy level through public health research, evidence based programs, and strategies that improve and protect health for all women and girls. Through our initiatives and strategic partnerships, SEMHA provides services that support prevention efforts, clinical services and technical assistance directly improving outcomes for women and girls throughout Michigan.

Health and Wellness in the Workplace

As the pandemic has affected so many resources and unequipped employers with the necessary tools to improve mental health at their workplace, SEMHA seeks to provide functions that will help examine the culture of health within the organization. Currently SEMHA supports over 460 health field staff who are placed throughout SE Michigan at partner sites.

Employees struggle with anxiety, depression, stress and fatigue. It is our goal to help reduce the stigma associated with mental health disorders, eliminate barriers and expand resources for those who need it the most. Recognizing employment looks different post pandemic, SEMHA hopes to help our partners redesign their employee health and wellness experience.

Social Enterprises – Healthy Economy, Healthy People!

At SEMHA we believe social entrepreneurs are on to something…not only are they looking to increase economic prosperity but also while creating innovative strategies to diverse social issues that impact marginalized communities.

Our goal is to support social enterprises that focus on health solutions and the potential to make systemic change. Taking control and rebuilding our public health infrastructure requires a focus on preparedness and prevention, providing the critical resources for individuals to live a healthy and productive life