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ClearCorps Detroit Celebrates Success in Lead Abatement Campaign

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In a significant stride towards creating safer and healthier living environments, ClearCorps Detroit is thrilled to announce a major success in its ongoing lead abatement campaign. Our relentless efforts to eliminate lead hazards from homes have yielded promising results, marking a crucial milestone in our commitment to the well-being of Detroit’s communities.

Lead Abatement Triumphs:

Over the past several months, ClearCorps Detroit, in collaboration with local organizations and government agencies, has successfully completed lead abatement initiatives in various households across the city. Lead exposure, especially in homes, poses severe health risks, particularly to children, and addressing this issue has been at the forefront of our mission.

Transforming Homes, Protecting Families:

The success stories emerging from our lead abatement efforts highlight the tangible impact on the lives of Detroit residents. Families who once lived in homes with potential lead hazards can now enjoy a safer and healthier living environment. By partnering with homeowners and community members, ClearCorps Detroit has played a pivotal role in transforming spaces into havens of well-being.

Collaborative Approach:

The success of the lead abatement campaign underscores the power of collaboration. ClearCorps Detroit has worked closely with local residents, community organizations, and government agencies to identify and address lead hazards effectively. This collaborative approach reflects the shared commitment to creating a city where every resident can thrive without the threat of lead exposure.

Looking Ahead:

While celebrating this achievement, ClearCorps Detroit remains dedicated to ongoing efforts in lead abatement and environmental advocacy. The organization recognizes the importance of continued collaboration and community engagement to ensure that every home in Detroit is free from lead hazards, contributing to the overall health and resilience of the community.

Call to Action:

ClearCorps Detroit invites residents, community leaders, and stakeholders to join in the celebration of this milestone and to actively participate in future initiatives. As we continue our mission to create healthier and safer communities, your support and engagement are crucial.


ClearCorps Detroit’s success in the lead abatement campaign is not just a triumph for the organization but a victory for the entire community. It reflects the positive impact that collective efforts can have on the well-being of Detroit’s residents. As we move forward, ClearCorps Detroit remains committed to its mission, working hand in hand with the community to build a city where everyone can thrive in a lead-free environment.

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